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Blog Tour Review: Christmas at the Chocolate Pot Cafe by Jessica Redland

Christmas at the Chocolate Pot Café by Jessica Redland
Published: 10th November 2018
Publisher: Little Bear Publishing
Pages: 187
Available on Kindle
Rating: 5/5

A few minutes of courage might change your life…
Emotionally, Tara Porter finds the festive period a challenge. Christmas Day is a reminder of the family she lost, and New Year’s Eve holds bitter memories of the biggest mistake of her life: marrying Garth Tewkesbury. Shunning invitations to celebrate, she seeks refuge in her flat with only her giant house bunny, Hercules, for company.
Professionally, though, it’s the best time of year. Tara’s thriving café, The Chocolate Pot, is always packed. With the café hosting a wedding and engagement party, it’s shaping up to be the café’s best Christmas ever.
When former nemesis, Jed Ferguson, threatens the future of The Chocolate Pot, Tara prepares for a fight. The café is everything to her and she’s not going to let anyone or anything jeopardise that.
Tara badly misjudged ex-husband Garth and, since then, has refused to let anyone in. After all, if you don’t let them in, they can’t hurt you. But has she misjudged Jed too? Is it possible that he’s not the arrogant, deceitful man from whom she bought the café 14 years earlier? Can she find the courage to find out for sure?
After reading Jessica Redland’s first Christmas book this year Callie’s Christmas Wish I was really looking forward to reading Christmas at the Chocolate Pot Café in the hopes of Callie and Maria’s story evolving. They do appear in Christmas at the Chocolate Pot Café but the story is set five years on, so I feel a lot of wonderful story-telling potential has been missed.
I soon got over my initial disappointment once I began Tara’s story. Tara Potter has been the owner of The Chocolate Pot Café for over fourteen years and has led a very sheltered life in Whitsborough Bay hoping her past life won’t catch up with her. With her customers she’s the perfect café owner, warm, hospitable and nothing is too much trouble for Tara to help with. Here personal life is a different story, she lives alone and hasn’t formed any close bonds with anyone in the town, except maybe her assistant manager Maria who she longs to see happy again. As Tara spends yet another Christmas alone, she decides maybe its time to step out of her comfort zone and start to let people into her life again. But just as Tara starts to reach to people her old advisory Jed Ferguson returns to the Bay and threatens the café’s livelihood, can Tara be strong enough to confront him about his cheating ways all those years ago and finally let her demons rest.
I really loved The Chocolate Pot Café, Tara’s story is a great one and has some very unexpected twists which kept me hooked on reading this. This is a book which covers betrayal, grief, loss, and at times is quite a sad tale, this is perfectly balanced out though with Jessica Redland’s wonderful heart-warming writing. The addition of Maria’s wedding adds extra romance and there is plenty of community spirit which was a lovely to read about.
I can’t wait to read more from Jessica Redland as her story’s totally absorb me and leave me wanting more everytime.

About the Author

Jessica had never considered writing as a career until a former manager kept telling her that her business reports read more like stories and she should write a book. She loved writing but had no plot ideas. Then something happened to her that prompted the premise for her debut novel, Searching for Steven. She put fingers to keyboard and soon realised she had a trilogy and a novella.
She lives on the stunning North Yorkshire Coast — the inspiration for the settings in her books — with her husband, daughter, cat, Sprocker Spaniel, and an ever-growing collection of collectible teddy bears. Although if the dog has her way, the collection will be reduced to a pile of stuffing and chewed limbs!
Her passion for North Yorkshire is shared by fellow-writer and great friend, Sharon Booth and, together, they are the Yorkshire Rose Writers.
Jessica tries to balance her time — often unsuccessfully — between being an HR tutor, trying to re-learn how to play the piano, studying towards a Masters in Creative Writing, and writing itself. Who needs sleep?
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Blog Tour Review: A Bloomsbury Affair by Anita Davison

A Bloomsbury Affair by Anita Davison
Published: 20th November 2018
Publisher: Aria
Pages: 333
Available on Kindle
Rating: 5/5

1905 London is a heady mix of unimaginable wealth and simmering political tensions, and with war looming Flora Maguire wants to keep her family safe.

So when her beloved charge Viscount Edward Trent is accused of murder, she’s determined not to leave the investigation to the police. Flora has trodden the path of amateur sleuth before, but with so much at stake, this time it’s personal.

Slowly the body of the victim found stabbed on a train bound for Paddington starts giving up its secrets, and Flora and her husband Bunny become mired in a murky world of spies, communists and fraudsters. And with the police more sure than ever that Edward is their murderer, Flora must work fast to keep him safe.

Anita Davison’s compulsive story-telling, combined with the irresistible mix of historical drama and gripping mystery, make this unputdownable.


Anita Davison is back with a fifth Flora Maguire mystery in The Bloomsbury Affair. This time its her younger cousin Viscount Edward Trent who the one being investigated. While on a train to Paddington to visit his sister, Ed shares a compartment with a young gentleman, when it’s time to leave the train Ed finds the man dead and the police think he’s to blame. Panicked he runs to Flora’s house where he hopes her, and husband Bunny will help clear his name before he’s sent to jail.
As the mystery and Flora encounters a haberdashery in a Cheltenham, an elderly army officer and a trendy new hotel its clear that Ed hasn’t been totally honest with them about his connections to the dead man. Can Flora solve the mystery without putting herself in danger again?
I loved the latest Flora Maguire novel I read which introduced me to Flora, her husband Bunny and her estranged parents and other members of her family and household. The book continues the storylines from that book, so it gave the mystery a comforting feel as many of the characters I had previously connected with were involved. Don’t worry if you haven’t read the previous books though you’ll soon figure out who’s who and the storyline so far.
I did find the mystery part of this book slow to get going but Flora soon finds herself in a tangled mess as Anita Davison slowly lets the story unfurl and more and more connections are made between the characters we are introduced to. Each of her characters are well developed and I can clearly visualise them.
If you’re a lover of historical mysteries then I can highly recommend this novel, it has realistic characters a great storyline and plenty of historical details.

About the Author

Born in London, Anita has always had a penchant for all things historical. She now lives in the beautiful Cotswolds, the backdrop for her Flora Maguire mysteries.

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