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Book Review - The Betrayal by Laura Elliot

The Betrayal: A gripping novel of psychological suspense
The Betrayal by Laura Elliot
Published:  14th August 2015
Publisher: Bookouture
Pages: 376
Available on Kindle and in Paperback
A perfect divorce. A new flame. And a deadly obsession.

Nadine and Jake Saunders were married as teens. Tied to one another by a night of passion that resulted in a pregnancy neither could turn away from.

Now, years later, their children have all flown the nest and the pact they made as teenagers – to give one another the freedom to pursue their own dreams – has resurfaced.

But freedom comes at a price …

While Nadine and Jake begin to untangle their lives from one another, Jake embarks on a passionate affair with a beautiful woman, Karin Moylan. What he doesn’t know is the dark history Karin shares with Nadine.

As lust spirals into dangerous obsession, Jake must break free from Karin. But he must also ask himself how well he ever really knew Nadine. What secret is she hiding? The truth, when it is revealed, could destroy them all.
The Betrayal is the second book by Laura Elliot that I have read, Fragile Lies was brilliant so I was really looking forward to reading her next book. The Betrayal is a book which fills you with intrigue from the very first paragraph when Nadine catches a glimpse of Karin Moylan and this sets off a chain of events which are just scary.
Jake and Nadine have been married since they were seventeen, a marriage based more on the circumstance of an unplanned pregnancy rather than love, four children and twenty years later they are still together but both feel slightly tied down and long for the missed freedom of their youth. At Nadine’s request they agree to a “perfect divorce” where they will remain friends and united for their children. However a chance meeting brings Karin Moylan back into their lives, Nadine’s childhood best friend who she would rather never set eyes on again. As Jake begins a passionate affair with the tempting seductress he doesn’t realise just how much he is putting his family at risk as this woman will do anything to keep her man.
I loved that this was written from the dual aspects of Jake and Nadine in alternating chapters as I felt it really added to build up the tension and suspense in this book as each begins to realise just how dangerous Karin can be and how scared they are for each other.
The whole basis of this novel was why did Nadine and Karin fall out all those years ago? Eventually we learn the truth through Nadine’s memories but it was totally not what I expected at all! I think I changed my mind a few times as to what the reason was but was wrong…so wrong which is exactly what I want to be when reading a psychological thriller.
The character of Karin was really quite scary in the way she was able to manipulate events and family members to get exactly what she wanted, I would not like to be in her firing line! I think it will take me quite a while to look at kingfisher blue, Karin’s signature colour and not feel a little uneasy.
Jake and Nadine were both very likable characters and all the way through I was so hoping that they would forget this silly “perfect divorce” thing and stay married as they seemed so right for each other. I was so angry with Jake that he could hurt Nadine the way he did, although I don’t really think he stood a chance against Karin. I loved that they both had a really strong sense of family and would go rushing to various members whenever they needed help.
The Betrayal is a novel based full on intrigue, suspense, lust and tragedy and most of all obsession. It was a little bit of a roller-coaster for me as at some points I was a little bored, mostly with the Alaska trip and Eleanor’s party politics but then at other points like the historical memories and the crash I was hooked. I did enjoy this book  and will definitely reading this author’s other works, but please think of some better names next time, Sam and Samantha for twins and Daryl and Carol Farrell, sorry but I didn’t like them!
Thank you to Bookouture and Netgalley for my review copy, overall I really enjoyed this book and look forward to her next one, I’d give this book a rating of 4 out of 5.

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