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Blog Tour: Relativity by Antonia Hayes

Relativity by Antonia Hayes
Published: 19th January 2017 (Paperback)
Publisher: Corsair
Pages: 358
Available in Hardback, Paperback and on Kindle
Rating: 5/5

Ethan is an exceptionally gifted young boy, obsessed with physics and astronomy.
His single mother Claire is fiercely protective of her brilliant, vulnerable son. But she can't shield him forever from learning the truth about what happened to him when he was a baby; why Mark had to leave them all those years ago.
Now age twelve, Ethan is increasingly curious about his past, especially his father's absence in his life. When he intercepts a letter to Claire from Mark, he opens a lifetime of feelings that, like gravity, will pull the three together again.
Relativity is a tender and triumphant story about unbreakable bonds, irreversible acts, and testing the limits of love and forgiveness.


Relativity by Antonia Hayes is the story of Ethan, a twelve year old boy who is trying to make sense of the world using the laws of psychics and astronomy. He lives with just his mother Claire and wants to know more about his absent father, who Claire is reluctant to talk about. One day Ethan finds a letter from his father Mark and behind Claire’s back he goes to meet his father. As the three become drawn back together they begin to realise that some things can’t be changed or forgiven and that one small event from the past will have a lasting impact on their future together.

I found this a beautifully written novel full of raw emotions. It’s clear to see how much Claire loves Ethan and is determined to do her best for him, no matter the cost. When Mark turns up you can feel the conflict in her actions as she tries to resist the man she once adored, the same man who shattered her whole life in just a few minutes.

Ethan, loves his mother but knows without his dad he’s different from the other kids. He’s extreme knowledge of physics set him apart from the other and he longs for his dad to return to so he can be a normal kid again. It was hard to read about Ethan’s struggles at school, kids are cruel and always seem to pick on those most vulnerable.

Mark seems to have lived a life full of regret and when these three are reunited I was longing for them to find their happy ever after and just a happy family, but fate doesn’t always give us what we want.

I did find this quite a heavy read with all the emotions flying around and the incredible amount of science talk which is mentioned. The one thing I think which lightened the whole story for me was the introduction of Alison. I just loved her sense of humour and the way she was with Ethan, just two kids being together having fun and mad cap plans.

Relativity is a book which did bring tears to my eyes as there are some powerfully emotive scenes which has made this a book which has stayed with me after I’ve finished reading. It’s a book a highly recommend if you’re looking for a beautiful and emotional story.

Thank you to Corsair for inviting me on the blog tour and for sending me a review copy.

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