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Tremarnock by Emma Burstall

Tremarnock (Tremarnock, #1)

Tremarnock by Emma Burstall
Published: 7th April 2016 (PB)
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Pages: 407
Available in Paperback and on Kindle
Rating: 4/5

A beautiful Cornish village, a shocking turn of events...
Tremarnock is a classic Cornish seaside village. Houses painted in yellow, pink and white, cluster around the harbour, where fishermen still unload their daily catch. It has a pub and a sought-after little restaurant, whitewashed, with bright blue shutters.
Here, Liz has found sanctuary for herself and young daughter, Rosie – far away from Rosie's cheating father. From early in the morning with her job as a cleaner, till late at night waitressing in the restaurant, Liz works hard to provide for them both.
But trouble is waiting just around the corner. As with all villages, there are tensions, secrets – and ambitions.


Tremarnock by Emma Burstall is one of those books which has been on my to read list forever, so when I was asked to review the latest book in the series I knew it was time to take a trip to Cornwall and start at the very beginning.

Tremarnock is the classic Cornish village with quaint white washed cottages and a strong sense of community spirit among the locals. Here Liz has finally found a home for herself and daughter Rosie after leaving London and Rosie’s cheating father behind them. Life is a struggle for Liz having to work two jobs at opposite ends of the day just to a make ends meet. Despite their hard lives Liz and Rosie manage to put a positive spin on things and enjoy everyday life. That is until something shocking happens and Liz is left wondering if there really is a light at the end of the tunnel.

This first thing I loved about this book is its glorious cover to me to just screams Cornwall and is so inviting, I couldn’t wait to read it. The second thing to love is Emma Burstall’s writing style, it flows so well and instantly had me feeling I was in the little village of Tremarnock.  Although there are some sad moments in this book it’s not a heavy read at all, in fact I found it thoroughly relaxing to immerse myself into Liz’s troubles.

Liz herself is a great character she so determined to give Rosie the best life possible and make sure her Cerebral Palsy doesn’t inhibit her life too much. She’s a character who always thinks the best of people and is perhaps a little too trusting, which sadly doesn’t always end well. I loved the very slow simmering chemistry between herself and Robert and was longing for them let their guard down and get together.

This is a very gently paced book which may not appeal to everyone but I found it a comforting read regardless of struggles Liz went through. The real main part of the story doesn’t really happen until the last third of the book, so some may struggle with that. But if like me you are planning to read the following Tremarnock books then this is a good scene setting and getting to know the characters book.

I enjoyed reading Tremarnock and am looking forward to reading what happens next in The Cornish Guesthouse.

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