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Blog Tour Review: Mulberry Lane Babies by Rosie Clarke

Mulberry Lane Babies by Rosie Clarke
Published: 1st June 2018
Publisher: Aria
Pages: 418
Available on Kindle
Rating: 5/5

1941 Mulberry Lane, London. War rages but new life brings new hope. Perfect for fans of Katie Flynn and Cathy Sharp.

Times are hard for all on Mulberry Lane as the war rages into yet another year. Desperate times push people into dangerous situations, and the residents of Mulberry Lane are not exempt.

Menacing shadows lurk on dark street corners, threatening the safety of those who are alone and vulnerable. When Peggy's twins are born early Maureen and Nellie are there to lend a helping hand.

The mothers of Mulberry Lane stick together despite the grim conditions of war torn London and a shadowy fear that stalks their lives. Neighbours and friends look out for each other and new life brings hope and joy to the Lane.

Rosie Clarke’s Mulberry Lane series is one of my absolute favourites and I think  Mulberry Lane Babies is my favourite so far, so much drama unfolded during this book that it was hard to stop reading. I devoured it in just one afternoon which was wonderful but no sadly I’ve got a long wait until the next instalment.
In this third book we have old favourites Peggy and Maureen who are both pregnant and not willing to slow down at all. With husband Laurie away in Scotland its up to Peggy to keep up the running of the pub, as well as helping daughter Janet look after young Maggie while she helps Mike recover from his horrific time in hospital. She’s also keeping a watchful eye on young Tommy Barton as his father Jack has had to return to the army.
 Maureen’s keen to carry on nursing for as long as possible and with her gran looking after little Shirley she can, but when her father falls ill Maureen realises its time to try and make peace with the old man before it’s too late.
Anne Riley is envious of her friend’s happiness and longs to find love after suffering heartbreak yet again, little does she know she will find it in the most unlikely of places.
This book also introduces us to young Ellie Turner, a young newly-wed whose been left with her mother in law while husband Peter is away at war. Ellie’s lonely and spend her times in various pubs drinking with solider until one day this land her in trouble.
The lives of these women are woven together beautifully to make the most wonderful and addictive story of life in the wartime east end. Even if you haven’t read the previous books, which you should, then this makes a wonderful read. The characters are realistic and their community spirit at this difficult time is heart-warming to read, even characters like Violet who have their flaws sow they can change, if only a little.
Despite its title Mulberry Lane Babies this book features so much more than babies, with violent attacks, romance, missing jewellery, a wedding and sadly a tragic goodbye this book has everything you could want from a wartime saga and I adored every page. Rosie Clarke’s writing is marvellous and I’m so looking forward to reading more about the lives of these women on Mulberry Lane very soon.
Thank you to Aria and Netgalley for sending me a copy to review and for inviting me to be part of the blog tour.
About the Author

Rosie is happily married and lives in a quiet village in East Anglia. Writing books is a passion for Rosie, she also likes to read, watch good films and enjoys holidays in the sunshine. She loves shoes and adores animals, especially squirrels and dogs.

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