Friday, 20 June 2014

Book Review - Me and Mr Jones by Lucy Diamond


This was the first book by Lucy Diamond that I have read, actually the first book I’ve actually finished this year and I loved it.

This story is based around Lilian and Eddie Jones and their bed and breakfast Mulberry House. We learn that they want to retire from running the B&B and how they do not want to sell the house that has been their family home for over forty years but want one of their three sons Hugh, David or Charlie to take over, which one will it be?

The story is told from the perspective of women in the family which I love as they are all great characters which are easily distinguishable from each other.  Each of the women has their own issues which they deal with as the story progresses. Lilian first comes across as a bit mean to the wives but think she just wants the best for her sons. The worry from her husband’s health and the stress of running the B&B seem to have got to her, by the end she seems a lot happier.

 Alicia is married to Hugh and she is about to turn forty, which is causing her to want some excitement in her life, which doesn’t turn out exactly as she plans. Emma is married to David. She is desperate for a baby and he has just lost his job. He seeks refuge at the B&B and this causes Emma to consider giving in to temptation, but will she?

Finally there is Izzy who has just met Charlie the youngest son. She wants to give in to his flirting but is running from her past; when it all catches up with her will she give in to Charlie’s advances?

I loved all of the characters in this book as they are believable and all have their own issues to resolve.  This book flows really well and it’s easy to follow the story even from the four different viewpoints of the women.  I would love there to be a sequel as I would love to know what each character was doing a year down the line.  I was hooked from the first page and definitely want to read some more of Lucy’s novels.


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