Thursday, 4 June 2015

Book Review - The Last Honeytrap by Louise Lee

The Last Honeytrap: Florence Love 1 by Louise Lee
Published: 4th June 2015
Publisher: Headline
Pages: 345
Available in Paperback and on Kindle
He's the man every woman wants. Private Investigator Florence Love is out to get him.

Florence has ten days to meet, charm and entrap Scott 'Scat' Delaney. Whilst sticking to THE Cardinal Entrapment Rule:

One kiss, with tongues, five seconds - case closed.

Scat, a superstar jazz musician, is stunning. He's also a reclusive hypochondriac with a Junta-like entourage - it's going to take a special woman to make him fall into the trap.

Florence Love will tell you at length why she's that woman. She's beautiful, resourceful and relentless. A master of body language, evolutionary science and Shorinji Kempo. She'll use every tool in her armoury, especially when it comes to discovering the truth about Bambi, her absent mother - a twenty-five-year-old mystery she's determined to solve...

Cardinal Entrapment Rule #2

Never EVER fall for the target (even when they're the hottest man on the planet)

That would be very bad form indeed.
The Last Honeytrap is the debut novel of Louise Lee and I thought it was great. The book is centred on Florence Love a Private Investigator based in London, specialising in entrapment. In this the book, the first in a new series Florence is asked entrap A-List Scot “Scat” Delaney a world famous jazz singer. Easy…except Scot is a confirmed recluse and possibly the most beautiful man Florence has ever seen and she may just be about to break the most important rule: Never fall for the target.
As the main plot develops as Florence finds herself in deeper than she’s ever been, she also begins to believe she herself is being stalked. Hoping the stalker is her long lost mother who is about to make a return after twenty years causes friction between other members, add to that complications with her ex-husband and previous lesbian lover and you have a book full of plot twists and humorous scenes.
I instantly liked Florence she’s feisty, independent and slightly over-confident believing she can do anything, which considering her success rate is only 78% may be slightly misjudged on her part. She also showed she had a caring side by looking after younger brother Michael, although she does remind him on numerous occasions that he is in her debt and must help her with investigation work whenever she wants.
I found this book a very refreshing read, Florence is so abrupt and honest in her language which I just loved. Surprisingly I also enjoyed the many snippets of scientific explanation in the book, which initially left me a little confused but added to the quirkiness of the book.  
I think this is a great read and would like to congratulate Louise Lee on her debut novel, she’s done a cracking job creating a likable main character and an interesting plot line which continues into the second book. There is a teaser of this at the end and it looks just as good, so please hurry up and publish it so we can find out what happened to Bambi.
I think this book has something for everyone, a little romance, some mystery, some crime and some family drama, so if you’re looking to find a new favourite this summer pick up The Last Honeytrap. I would give this book 5/5 and would like to thank Headline for sending me a copy via bookbridgr.

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