Monday, 1 February 2016

Monthly Wrap-Up January 2016

Wow, I can't believe its February already! January seems to have flown by, but I'm glad its out of the way as its my least favourite month as I hate the short days and the cold damp weather. Bring on spring! Anyway back to books I was really surprised to find out I read seven books in January, probably because of the horrible weather. Here's what I've read:

A Merry Mistletoe Wedding 25794413 The Silvered Heart 27773784 Fix You ReboundYou And Me, Always

Here's what else I've been sent from publishers:
24960338 Summer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel27775303 Song of the Sea Maid Bone by Bone Breakdown First Frost

Most of these are new to me authors which I'm really excited about reading so thank you so much to the publishers who have kindly sent me copies.

I've also had a big splurge on Netgalley and have been accepted for most books I requested which is super exciting and very unexpected given my current feedback score ( I'm working on it I promise!):

The Assistants The Night That Changed Everything Kitty's Countryside Dream Deadly Obsession Last Prophecy of Rome (Myles Munro #2) The Girl You Lost The Girl In The Ice Just Haven't Met You Yet 2599991925424912Match Me If you Can 26857681 Waiting For You Another Love

Told you it was a splurge, good job I have lots of time waiting for school buses! But don't they all look amazing, there are some real treats heading our way in book land.
I'm currently reading this little beauty:

and I'm really enjoying it, they may be characters which are a little over the top but it just had me laughing all they way through, just what I needed to combat the January blues.

My book of the month for January has to be
Strictly Between Us

I loved this book and all its twists and turns, I just didn't know what was going to happen next, for my full review check here. So that was my month in books and here is a little snippet of life in the real world...sadly he didn't last too long.

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