Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Book Review - Fragile Lies by Laura Elliot

Fragile Lies by Laura Elliot
Published: 13th February 2015
Publisher: Bookouture
Pages: 424
Available in Paperback and on Kindle
His name is Michael Carmody.
He is a writer and a father.
His son is lying in a coma, fighting for his life.

Her name is Lorraine Cheevers.
She is an artist and mother.
An illicit affair has destroyed her marriage.

Michael is desperate to find the couple who left his son for dead, a victim of a hit and run.

Lorraine is desperate to start a new life for her and her daughter.

Michael and Lorraine are about to cross paths – damaged souls, drawn to one another.

They don’t know that their lives are already connected.

They don’t know the web of lies surrounding them.

They are each searching for the truth. But when they find it, it could destroy them both.
Firstly I would to thank the publishers Bookouture for sending me a review copy through Netgalley. Fragile Lies is the story of adultery, tragedy, deception and secrets.
I thought the prologue to this book was just brilliant, I was totally sucked into the story of this adulterous couple and who they were.  How long had it been going? Were they married? How did it start? How could they leave the accident so quickly? How could they live with the guilt? I was full of questions and just had to keep reading to find out the answers.
Fragile Lies is the story of two people Lorraine and Michael and how they become drawn to each other, unaware just how connected their lives are before they even meet. Once all the secrets are out can these two ever recover from the damage?
Lorraine Cheevers, an artist has fled Dublin to the seaside town of Trabawn to recover from her the breakdown of her marriage. Out of the public eye Lorraine in the sanctuary of a house she knew from many happy summers spent in Trabawn as a child. Struggling to get through each day Lorraine is at a lost as to how to move her life on, until meeting Michael sparks something in her again.
Michael Carmody is after some answers. His son Killian was knocked down in a hit and run accident and Michael wants justice. He thinks he knows who is to blame, but is he right?
When these two meet there is an instant attraction between them, but can they form a relationship when they are both hiding so many secrets and are surrounded by lies. As Lorraine begins to learn what happened to Michaels son she begins to realise who is to blame for his accident and just how connected their two lives really are.
It took me a while to really get into this book, which surprised me after such a good prologue. After the first two parts I became really hooked and couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. This book is definitely a slow burner so stick with it.
I really liked the way the characters in this book were portrayed and particularly liked how we get to see them as they were as children through the flashbacks in part two of the book. I really didn’t like Adrian at all, he came across as weak and greedy and unable to really make a good go of things without being led by other people. Virginia was also not a nice character, I really wanted her to have some remorse or a little bit of sadness, but there just didn’t seem to be any feeling in her at all.
Fragile Lies was well written and after a slow start had a good ending which I didn’t expect. I found that with the characters I either loved them or hated them. I would give this book 4/5 and would love to read more by this author.

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