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When I Lost You by Kelly Rimmer

When I Lost You: A gripping, heart breaking novel of lost love.

When I Lost You by Kelly Rimmer
Published: 21st April 2016
Publisher: Bookouture
Pages: 333
Available on Kindle

Do you ever wish you had the chance to meet someone again for the first time?

When Leo and Molly met and married, they believed they were invincible. Together they could take on the world. But Leo, a war correspondent, lives for life on the edge, and when he takes a step into the unknown, tragedy strikes and he loses his memory. Molly rushes to help him fill in the gaps and soon they start falling in love all over again.

The trouble is, Molly is hiding something. Something big. The devoted wife at Leo’s bedside is a sham; Leo and Molly’s marriage was on the rocks long before Leo’s accident.

The closer Molly gets to her husband the more scared she becomes that he will remember. As Leo’s memory begins to trickle back will Molly lose the man she loves for a second time?
An emotional, heartbreaking read that will restore your faith in the power of love.

When I Lost You is the latest novel by Kelly Rimmer, it’s the first I’ve read which is very bad as I’m sure I have both of her previous novels on my kindle.
 When I Lost You tells the tale of Molly and Leo, two people who fell very deeply in love very quickly and are now dealing with a marriage on the verge of breaking up. Except now it’s not that simple, Leo has been in a car accident and has been left paralysed and has no recollection of the last four years. So Molly, his wife, the love of his life and the complete stranger next to him begins to tell Leo about their life together. As Leo begins to piece his past together we slowly start to see how close they once were and how they marriage slowly begin to fall apart. But given a second chance can Molly and Leo restart their marriage and find their happy ever after.
From the very start of this novel I was totally engrossed and committed to finding out the story of Molly and Leo and what had gone so badly wrong. From completely opposite sides of town it seemed unlikely that these two would get along. Molly’s a Torrington, one of the richest families in Sydney and has grown up never wanting for anything. Leo’s from Redfern, one of the poorest districts of Sydney and has had to work hard to get everything in his life. Their only connection Molly’s dead brother Declan  who was Leo’s best friend at university and as the two come together to grieve for the man they’ve lost they begin to fall for each other.
I loved how this story was written with alternating chapters between Molly and Leo. In the first part Molly’s story is told from present day in 2015 just after Leo’s accident and Leo’s story is told from the past in 2011 when the two first met years after Declan’s death. In part two the perspective is switched and we hear the present day from Leo’s point of view and the past from Molly’s. This allowed me as a reader to experience their relationship from both sides and be fully absorbed by their relationship and all its raw emotions.
This novel really highlights that to make a relationship work there needs to be communication and compromise from both sides, otherwise assumptions are made and things can go wrong. So can Molly and Leo manage to figure this out and make their marriage work?
I loved When I Lost You, it was full of deep raw emotion and had me hooked until the end. It’s a must read if you love want something which covers some of the more realistic aspects of a relationship and not all the sparkle and shine.
I’m rating When I Lost You five out of five, it was a brilliant real full of intense emotion and I can’t wait to read more books by Kelly Rimmer,
Thank you so much to Bookouture and Netgalley for this review copy.

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