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An Autumn Affair by Alice Ross

An Autumn Affair

An Autumn Affair by Alice Ross
Published: 21st April 2016
Publisher: Carina UK
Pages: 384
Available on Kindle

Autumn is coming. Anything could happen…
Julia is contemplating an affair with ex-boyfriend Max after a chance meeting in the cereal aisle of the supermarket…and finding that he’s just as gorgeous as ever.
Miranda has got it all: expensive clothes, a huge house and her enormously wealthy husband, Doug. So why does she feel as if something is missing?
Faye is fed up of being treated like a child – she’s a teenager, and knows what she wants! She’s determined to escape her sleepy life at Primrose Cottage…
Three women, each with two options, needing to make one choice. When it comes to affairs of the heart, nothing is ever simple!
A perfect, feel-good read about love, life and family.

An Autumn Affair is the first book in Alice Ross’s new countryside dreams series.  It follows the lives of three women, each one is facing difficult decisions as they come to realise they are not happy with their lives.
First we meet Julia, a woman who has been married to Paul for almost twenty years after finding out she was pregnant just after college. She believes she’s happy until a chance meeting in the cereal aisle of the local supermarket reminds her she’s never really gotten over her first love Max. So does Julia stay and play happy families with Paul and the twins or does she set out to follow her heart?
Next we meet Miranda, she’s married to wealthy business man Doug and has one daughter Josie. On the outside Miranda has the perfect life, she doesn’t have to work, she has the big house and she can go buy anything she wants. But with Doug away most of the time and nothing to occupy her Miranda makes one tiny mistake which could have massive consequences.
Finally we meet seventeen year old Faye, Julia’s daughter. She’s struggling with living in the shadow of her wonderful twin brother Leo and she’s just longing to grow up. When she decides to “be a grown up” and do what she wants it lands her in big trouble and she realises she’s maybe not ready to face a world away from her mum.
At first I wasn’t sure how this story would come together as one, Julia and Miranda’s stories initially felt very separate and I was waiting to see what would pull them together. When they did come together, the reason why was quite a shock, but I felt it worked really well. Although these two had very different background stories I felt they were very similar as all they both really wanted was to be appreciated and feel like they belonged.
I struggled with liking Faye, she seemed a typical whingey teenager who’s jealous of everybody else and wants what she can’t have. I’m glad that she learnt that being an adult isn’t as “fun” as it’s made out to be and began to appreciate her mum a lot more.
I really enjoyed reading An Autumn Affair, it was an easy and fairly quick read for me with plenty of humour and some heartfelt moments. It’s a story about acknowledging that everybody has a right to be happy and that we should all follow our dreams and be happy for ourselves and not just for other people.
I’m really looking forward to reading the second book in this series A Summer of Secrets which is out soon.
Thank you to Carina UK and Netgalley for this copy to review, I would like to rate An Autumn Affair by Alice Ross 4 out 5 stars.

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