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Blog Tour Guest Post: Becasue Mummy Said So by Shari Low

Because Mummy Said So by Shari Low
Published: 18th September 2018
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Pages: 352
Available on Kindle

The era of the yummy mummy has finally gone.

To celebrate this, Shari Low has taken a baby wipe to the glossy veneer of the school of perfect parenting and written Because I Said So to show us the truth about motherhood in all of its sleep-deprived, frazzled glory.

This is a book that every experienced, new or soon-to-be parent will relate to – well, hallelujah and praise be those who worship at the temple of Febreze. For over a decade, Shari wrote a hugely popular weekly newspaper column documenting the ups, downs and bio-hazardous laundry baskets of family life.

Because Mummy Said So is a collection of her favourite stories of parenting, featuring superheroes in pull up pants, embarrassing mistakes, disastrous summer holidays, childhood milestones, tear-jerking nativity plays, eight bouts of chickenpox and many, many discussions that were finished with the ultimate parental sticky situation get-out clause…

Guest Post by Shari Low
In some ways, I feel that the publication of Because Mummy Says So brings my life around full circle.
Way, way back in 2000, when I’d just broached my thirties and still had anatomy that had yet to landslide in a southerly direction, I took an uncharacteristic day off work because I was feeling sick and miserable.
That whole of the previous year had been a bit of a slog. After what seemed like endless rounds of fertility treatments, we were still no closer to having a family. And although I’d finally managed to find an agent, it looked like my first attempt at writing a book was going to languish in the bottom drawers of the publishing world until the end of time. It was definitely an all-time low point.
Late afternoon, I was under my duvet with a packet of Hob Nobs when the phone rang, and I heard my agent announce that an offer had come in for my novel. I was so ecstatic, I’d have done a lap of honour of the room if I hadn’t been feeling so damn nauseous. Instead, on some crazy, hoping-my-luck-had-changed hunch, I did a pregnancy test and there it was – that little line in the ‘positive’ box.
In the space of twenty minutes, my whole life changed and what a brilliant moment that was.
A couple of years later, I was asked to write a weekly newspaper column documenting the funny, embarrassing and very real mayhem of family life.
Time flew by in a chaotic juggle of raising two boys, sharing the funny stuff in newspapers and magazines, and writing twenty two novels about love, loss and friendship. And there were biscuits. Lots of biscuits.
It’s been a blast. And an exercise in sleep deprivation.
Last year, at the age of 16, my eldest left home, trotting off to play basketball in a college down south.
It seemed like the perfect time to look back on all my favourite parenting moments and the result is Because Mummy Said So. All the motherhood milestones are in there, from pregnancy to empty nest. The nursery days. The first days at school. The holiday disasters. The Christmas joys. And every embarrassing, funny, and downright mortifying thing that ever happened to us along the way. I’m not delivering a spoiler when I say that way too many of them include superhero impersonations and incidents involving pants.
The book is a collection of hilarious, toe curling and sometimes tear-jerking tales that I hope everyone from expectant and new mothers to empty nesters will love.
It’s the perfect excuse every mum needs to stop for half an hour, put the feet up, and have a giggle.
Oh and if you’re having a bad day you might take solace in the profound, intellectual lessons I’ve learned along the way: everything can change in one moment, no parent has it all worked out, and there’s no situation that can be improved with a chocolate Hob Nob.

About the Author

Shari Low has published eighteen books under her own name and pseudonyms Millie Conway and Ronni Cooper. She is also one half of the writing duo, Shari King. She lives near Glasgow with her husband, two teenagers and a labradoodle. www.sharilow.com


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