Saturday, 2 August 2014

Book Review - Destined to Play by Indigo Bloome

Destined to Play (Avalon Trilogy #1)
Author: Indigo Bloome
Publisher: Harper
Published: 2012
Pages: 275
Book 1of the Avalon Trilogy
“It’s Simple. No Sight. No Questions. 48 hours.”  This quote led me to pick this book as the part of the #SexMeUpReadathon as it seemed the perfect “dirty weekend away” storyline.
Dr Alexandra Burke a psychologist leaves her home to give some lectures across Australia, after the first one she meets up with her old lover from university, Dr Jeremey Quinn. He propositions her to stay for the weekend under the conditions of no sight and no questions.  Alexandra agrees as she knows Jeremy would not do anything to hurt her and she has enjoyed herself with him before.
I was disappointed by this book; it sounded so good but just did not live up to my expectations.  I think the main reason for this was I just didn’t believe in the attraction and passion between Jeremy and Alexandra, it felt very forced which put me off.  I didn’t really like either character; Alex annoyed me because she seems to forget she is a mother. Jeremy takes her phone off her for the weekend and I didn’t like this as we are told her children are away on a school trip. Now being a mother myself I know nothing would keep me from being reachable to my children and this bothered me. I was surprised to find the author also has two children, so maybe it’s just me that has issues with this. I also felt she was too submissive to Jeremy, she agrees to his suggestions almost straight away, even though you can tell she has doubts.  I wanted more from Jeremy’s character, we never really get to find out much about his thoughts and feelings and this left me feeling he was a little one-dimensional.
This book started off quite well and I did quite like the first half of the book. However it all became a little too much for me to get my head round and became very clinical and not very passionate, which is was I was expecting.  It did not leave me feeling hot and bothered which other erotic fiction books have done, I just felt confused and slightly disturbed.
The ending does answer some of the questions and issues I had with the book and the way it leads onto the second book in the trilogy was done well, if slightly predictable.  I have the second book in the trilogy on my to be read pile, so I may pick this up at some point.  I am giving this book a rating of three stars out of five. I’m giving one star because the book is well written, despite my issues with the content.  Another star because I did like the way it lead onto the second book , which if you enjoyed the first would make you want to read the second straight away and a third star because although I didn’t like it I’m still thinking about it, so obviously the author has done something right.  If you like erotic fiction which is challenging and possibly has  unique scenes then give this book a go, sadly it didn’t do it for me.

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