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Book Review - The Wish List by Jane Costello

The Wish List
The Wish List by Jane Costello
Published: April 2013
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Pages: 496
There are six months left of Emma Reiss's twenties. . . and she has some unfinished business.
Emma and her friends are about to turn thirty, and for Emma it's a defining moment. Defined, that is, by her having achieved none of the things she'd imagined she would.
Her career is all wrong, her love life is a desert and that penthouse apartment she pictured herself in simply never materialised. Moreover, she's never jumped out of a plane, hasn't met the man she's going to marry, has never slept under the stars, or snogged anyone famous - just some of the aspirations on a list she and her friends compiled fifteen years ago.
As an endless round of birthday parties sees Emma hurtle towards her own thirtieth, she sets about addressing these issues. But, as she discovers with hilarious consequences, some of them are trickier to tick off than she'd thought…
This book has been on my to read pile for months and I finally decided it was time to read it and I was instantly hooked, Jane Costello is definitely one of my new favourite writers, this book was brilliant.
It tells the story 29 year old Emma Reiss who is approaching the big 3-Oh and worrying that life has past her by. One day she stumbles upon a list she made when she was fifteen of all the things she wanted to do before she was thirty. This list includes things like become an interior designer and find the man you will marry, along with more extreme things such as jump out of a plane. Emma decides to embark on completing the list in the six months left before her birthday.
Emma is the perfect heroine for a chick-lit novel, she’s funny, caring and just a little bit clumsy which make her adorable and right from the start you’re rooting for her.  This book has some wonderful hilarious scenes, my personal favourite being the night Emma spends in a tent with Rob, just brilliant!
There is also number of sub-plots happening in this book which involve her sister Marianne and two friends Cally and Asha. I felt these added an extra dimension and made the story more realistic, they also added a little bit of heartbreak. My favourite character was Giles; I just loved how he changed from being so grumpy to funny and loving once he found the right woman.
I adored this book and found Jane Costello’s writing very addictive and this book was finished far too soon.  I cannot wait to read more of her work.
Rating 5/5


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