Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - Underrated Chick-Lit Authors

This week the Top Ten over at The Broke and the Bookish was Top Ten authors/books in genre X. I chose authors in the Chick-Lit genre although there is some crossover with erotic fiction and women's fiction. So here is my list:
The Right Side of Mr Wrong
1. Jane Linfoot
I was given a free e-book of Jane's book The Right Side of Mr Wrong as part of the #SexMeUpReadathon back in July and was instantly hooked on her work. Its full of sexy handsome men and strong women with brilliant sexual chemistry between them, mixed in with funny plotlines.
Never Google Heartbreak
2. Emma Garcia
I've only read one book by this author, Never Google Heartbreak but for me it was the perfect chick-lit book with heartbreak, comforting friends and a heroine you just can't help but love. I'm eager to read her second book and hope she writes more.
The Men in Her Life
3. Imogen Parker
She hasn't wrote anything new for about five years but her early books are for me perfect chick-lit and I really hope we haven't seen the last of her.
French Relations
4. Fiona Walker
This ladies ability to write huge novels with a large amount of characters which don't confuse me amazes me everytime I read one, she deserves a medal for been able to do that in my opinion.
Hopelessly Devoted to You
5. Jill Steeples
Again only read one book by the woman but it was brilliant and I'm surprised how few reviews she has on Amazon.
One Hundred Proposals
6. Holly Martin
Her book One Hundred Proposals blew me away with how romantic it was, I do think everyone who reads chick-lit should read this book, it will make you laugh and cry and wish you had your very own Harry
The Naughty Girls Book Club
7.Sophie Hart
The Naughty Girls Book Club was probably one of my favourite reads of last year, I loved the way it showed real women's views of sex. I can't wait to read her second book out on the 19th September.
Country Pursuits: Churchminister series 1
8. Jo Carnegie
I adored her Churchminister series, it was perfect for me and I loved the way each book focused on different characters in the village.
9. Lulu Taylor
I adore this women's books and get so excited when a new one is released, they just totally absorb my and nothing else gets done when I'm reading one as I just can't put them down.
Walking Back to Happiness
10. Lucy Dillon
Lucy's books seem to come out and then disappear almost as quick which I  don't understand as her writing has such a magical quality to it.
So that's my list, what is on your list? check out the other lists here.

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  1. I haven't read any of this books, but they seem wonderful!!!