Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - Authors I've Only Read One Book From But Need to Rad More

This week's Top Ten was authors you've only read one book from but need to read more, this is a great list for me as I've read so many new authors over the last three months , most over which I'm desperate to read more from. This list is in no particular order:
A Gift to Remember
1. Melissa Hill
I read A Gift to Remember last month and I loved it, Darcy was such a great character who I really related to. I particularly want to read The Charm Bracelet and Something from Tiffany's both of which sound perfect reads for me.
The Dress Thief
2. Natalie Meg Evans
If you want a historical romance with a hint of mystery then this is the book for you, I loved it and cannot wait until her next book The Milliner's Secret is released next spring.
Babies in Waiting
3. Rosie Fiore
Back in 2012 I became pregnant after trying for months and I devoured almost every mum to be book I could get my hands on, this was one of the best. I've not picked up her other book Wonder Woman yet but it look like something I would really like.
Never Google Heartbreak
4. Emma Garcia
I found this brilliantly funny and loved Viv as a main character. Really want to pick up the sequel OMG Baby soon.
Recipe for Love
5. Katie Fforde
I cannot believe that I've got to 31 and this was the first Katie Fforde book that I read, I know it definitely wont be the last, its just deciding which one to read next from all the others.
Me and Mr Jones
6. Lucy Diamond
This was the first book that I wrote a review for on this blog so will always be a favourite. I'd never read any Lucy Diamond before and was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I really want to read The Beach Café, Sweet Temptation and One Night in Italy before too long.

The Fault in Our Stars
7. John Green
 This book was everywhere when I started blogging so I had to read and I'm so glad I did, this book was amazing and has made me want to read all of John Green's other books, I have An Abundance of Katherine's on my tbr pile so should read it before the end of the year.


8. Philip Kazan
I won this book off Goodreads and was so excited as it was the first book I've ever received for free. The descriptive language in this book is just stunning and very absorbing, I can't wait to see what his next book is like.

Hopelessly Devoted to You
9. Jill Steeples
This is a really good chick-lit read which has wetted my appetite for more of Jill Steeples' work, hopefully I can read Desperatley  Seeking Heaven soon as this sounds so good.

Stable Mates
10. Zara Stoneley
This book had me laughing all the way through, it was just brilliant. The rest of Zara's work seems to be more erotic fiction than chick lit but I still really want to read more from her and hope there is a sequel to Stable Mates to read

So that's my list this week, what is on yours? To see everyone's list take a look here.

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