Friday, 15 January 2016

Strictly Between Us by Jane Fallon

Strictly Between Us

Published: 14th January 2016
Publisher: Michael Joseph (Penguin)
Pages: 448
Available in Paperback and on Kindle

Tamsin and Michelle have been inseparable since childhood. Even now they spend all their time together, along with Patrick, Michelle's handsome husband.

Except Tamsin's brilliant assistant Bea (without whom Tamsin's life would fall apart) has heard a nasty rumour that Patrick is playing away. Determined to uncover the truth, Tamsin devises a honey-trap to test his resolve, using Bea as bait. But she never counted on Bea having her own agenda . . .

Struggling to untangle the web of deceit, Patrick seems to be constantly one step ahead. Can Tamsin reveal the truth to Michelle without ruining everyone's life along the way?

Strictly Between Us by Jane Fallon has a blurb which for me made me instantly want to read this book. However I was unprepared for how addictive this story would be, it’s a book I finished in just one day.
Tamsin and Michelle have been best friends since their school days and will do anything to protect each other. So when Tamsin starts to hear more and more rumours that Michelle’s husband Patrick is being unfaithful to her she decides to try and catch him out. Using Bea her attractive and very loyal assistant as bait for a honey-trap Tamsin sets out to discover the truth about Patrick. What Tamsin doesn’t count on is Bea not being quite as loyal as she thinks and Patrick being even sneakier than she ever thought possible.
From the very first chapter, which had me completely shocked I was hooked on this book.  I was desperate to find out what happened next and as the secrets and lies between the characters developed it became even better. For the first part of the book we only have Tamsin’s perspective of events but in part two we hear from Bea too as she begins to explain her actions. This really made the book for me as for the first couple of chapters I was thinking “What does Bea really think about all this?”
I wanted to like Tamsin for standing by her friend and not wanting her to be upset but part of me felt she was manipulating the situations to get the best outcome for herself. After all she wasn’t 100% honest herself was she?
My favourite character was Adam who seemed very genuine and didn’t appear to have an ulterior motive for his actions. I did feel the nickname of “Pillsbury Dough Boy” given to by his students was a little unfair.
Strictly Between Us is a well written and very addictive book which I loved and recommend to anyone who likes a plot with lots of twists and turns. It’s a book which will leave you questioning how well you really know people in your life and how much can you trust them?
Thank you to Michael Joseph and Netgalley for this copy to review. I rate it 5 out of 5, I loved it!

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