Monday, 28 July 2014

Book Review - Never Google Heartbreak by Emma Garcia

Never Google Heartbreak
Author: Emma Garcia
Published: 2013
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Pages: 352
Available in: Paperback and Kindle
Source: Library Book
Never Google Heartbreak is the story of Viv and how she deals with the break-up between her and fianc√© Rob.  Viv and Rob have been engaged for five years, after two failed attempts at actually getting married Viv is hoping its third time lucky. However two months before the third wedding date Rob declares he just can’t do it.  As any normal girl would do Viv moves out in the hope Rob will use their time “on a break” to realise his undying love for Viv and come crawling back to her. However he doesn’t, which leads Viv to go on a path of destruction which many of us can relate to. Viv does many of the things we’ve all done to win back the one we love, new haircut, fancy dress, endless phone-calls but finally she has to accept  that her and Rob are over. In an attempt to mend her broken heart Viv decides to set up her own self-help website to help those with a broken heart and so is born. Viv’s so focused on what she thinks she wants but doesn’t see what a good thing she has standing right in front of her with best friend Max until a huge misunderstanding ruins everything.
Viv is a great main character she was hilarious and some of the things she ends up doing just made me laugh. She does start off by being whiny, slightly self-absorbed and a little scatty but I think we can all be like that when we have had our hearts broken. By the end of the story she’s stronger and more focused and very determined to get what she wants. I think having Viv’s background with her Nana in the story helped the reader to understand Viv’s obsession with getting married and some of her insecurities. I loved every character in this book; I think they are all really well written and each adds something to the story. I think my favourite was Christie; the outfits she wore brought some brilliant images in my head and the way she was so clueless about her job was very endearing.
This story flowed really well and even though you can guess what happens fairly early on, the journey to get there is brilliant, with some very funny little twists.  The scenes with Viv at work are great, especially the meetings she has with Christie and their bosses. 
I think Emma Garcia has a real winner here, this book had everything for me great characters, great plot and sub plots and it was funny, I even laughed out loud while reading,  which does not happen very often. I hope to read the follow on book OMG Baby very soon as I cannot wait to find out what Viv gets up to next. I could not put this book down, even when I walked away from it I found myself going back and reading a bit more. If you are a fan of Sophie Kinsella or Alexandra Brown then I’m sure you will love this book.
Emma Garcia has a real talent for drawing the reader in and keeping them interested and making them laugh, that is why this book gets 5/5

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