Saturday, 19 July 2014

Children's Book Review Pig's Egg by Katherine Sully

Pig's Egg

Author: Katherine Sully
Illustrated by: Sam Chaffey
Published: Cupcake (Imprint of Alligator Books) 2011

This is a cute little story about Pig who wants to be just like his friends Goose, Hen and Duck and be able to fly. When his friends all have eggs which hatch Pig feels even more left out until he finds a turnip which he believes to be an egg. Eventually he finds a caterpillar in the turnip which he then watches as it turns into a butterfly and then learns to fly like the babies of Goose, Hen and Duck.

This is a lovely story perfect to read with young children. The illustrations are beautiful and bring the story alive, my son and I loved the image of pig trying to fly the best.

Rating 5/5

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