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Book Review - The Right Side of Mr Wrong by Jane Linfoot

The Right Side of Mr Wrong
Title: The Right Side of Mr Wrong
Author: Jane Linfoot
Publisher: Harper Impulse
Released:6th March 2014
Pages: 174 (Kindle Edition)
Source: Free from author in exchange for an honest review, part of the #SexMeUpReadathon
Shea Summers arrives at Edgerton Manor having entered a competition to be the "wife" of Brando Marshall, to prove to her friends that she is capable from moving on from her past. Brando is a rich, handsome playboy who has no intention of settling down. He believes Shea to be a gold-digger looking to bag herself a rich husband so decides to teach her a lesson. When these two meet the chemistry is instant and the one-upmanship between the two is intense and leads to some HOT scenes...

At 174 pages this is a short read which I think suits the hot, fast-paced, flirty style of writing this story has. I devoured this in around three hours as once you start reading it’s hard to put it down.  In a way I wish it had been longer as I wasn’t ready to stop reading about these characters, however I think this may have ruined the pace of the book.

I loved the way that the book focused just on the relationship between Shea and Brando, there were hints of other characters like Bryony and Mrs McCaul but we don't really get to know much about them. Keeping the story between Shea and Brando added to the intensity of the heat which develops between them as their reluctance to give in to their feelings drifts away.

Brando's the perfect male character for this book being handsome and sure of himself, I can imagine any woman would fall at his feet just as he wanted. I love the way that he changes as Shea puts up some resistance and makes him work a bit harder for what he wants, which in the end works out well as this seems to helps him overcome his demons from the past and become more settled in himself.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to read this book as I think I’ve found another author who could become a favourite, I really loved her fast paced witty style of writing and will definitely be reading her other books in the near future.

 Rating 5/5



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