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Book Review - The Love List by Eve Devon

The Love List
The Love List by Eve Devon
Published: 2nd October 2014
Publisher: Harper Impulse
Pages: 182
Available on Kindle
Falling in love is just not on Nora King’s To Do List…
Neither is accidentally super-gluing her shoe to her hand right before the biggest presentation of her life!
With all the hard work she’d put into securing the family business after her father’s death, Nora has no choice but to accept help from a knight in shining armour.
Disaster relief worker Ethan Love is still haunted by his last deployment, and desperate for distraction. He’s in town to ask Nora for a major favour, and swooping in to save her presentation is a sure way to get her on side.
As Ethan sticks around and helps Nora through her grief, her barriers tumble down…but will she dare to swap her To Do lists for a How to Fall in Love list?


Firstly I would like to thank Harper Impulse for allowing me to read this via NetGalley.

Meet Nora King, CEO of King Property Consultancy and workaholic with a to-do list as long as your arm with absolutely no room for distraction. Meet Ethan Love tall, sexy and impossible to resist, put the two together and watch the sparks fly.

This book begins with a really funny scene, Nora is getting ready for a make or break deal when she finds she has accidentally super-glued her best shoe to her hand, imagine her embarrassment when she goes to find her assistant for help and instead bumps into the hottest guy ever,  Mr Ethan Love, absolutely brilliant.

Ethan has come to ask workaholic Nora to help him with his brother Ryan, who just happens to be her sister’s love rat ex. He offers to help Nora out of her sticky situation, initially Nora who is burying her grief for her father in her work resists help from Ethan as she doesn’t want any distractions from keeping her company going, but eventually she gives in lets herself be helped and then  begins to let her attraction for Ethan show.   

I loved both the main characters in this book, both appear strong, confident and in control but underneath their exteriors their both quite vulnerable and I loved how as they got to know each other better they let their barriers down and show their insecurities, which I gave them a stronger bond and added to the romance in this book as it made them more realistic for me.

I thought the ending was really good and I was really glad that we got to find out what was in the letter from Nora’s father.  I would love a sequel to find out what happens between these two and also if the passion ever becomes reignited with Ethan’s brother Ryan and Nora’s sister Sephy.

I really enjoyed The Love List, for me it was a perfect mix of romance, lust and emotion to make a really great love story.

Rating 5/5


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